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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What defines a "cougar"?  This discussion came up at work.  We (a mixed-gender group of varying ages) came up with something of a formula that defines the cougar parameters.

One person suggested if a woman is 10 years or more older than the guy, she is a per se cougar.  (pedophiles excluded)

Another proposed that as both parties get older, the age difference can be somewhat greater without it being cougar-y anymore.  So, if the lady is 65 and dating a guy who's 54, it's not real cougar-y.  Basically, you can "age out" of cougar-ism.

Someone else said that the bigger the age difference, the higher the cougar factor goes up.  So there might be some leeway for a 38 and 28 year old couple, but 42 and 28 was definitely cougar country.  The old "I know it when I see it" standard.

Finally, there was a general agreement that a cougar must be 35 years or older.  Basically, you can't be a cougar if you're not yet 35, even if the guy is 10 years younger.

Okay, so maybe this discussion didn't just arise out of a normal conversation.  Basically, I was told today that I am of cougar age.  !!!  I wasn't as shocked by the implication that I was not even completely divorced and people thought that I was already stalking much younger men (which isn't the case at all) as I was that I was now "old" and basically a per se cougar. : /  I had a hard time processing this, so I took it to the office floor for general discussion and debate.

My conclusion was that, to be on the safe side, I should just always date someone slightly older or slightly younger than me.   Or declare myself a spinster.  I've already got two cats, just gotta add a few dozen more.  I guess I could become a nun, but I'm not so great at singing or wearing long dresses or anything else nun-ish.  Guess I'm just going to have to live with being feline (a cougar) or with multiple felines (crazy cat lady).


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